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AG Adult Fresh Salmon

by : Arden Grange

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Arden Grange Salmon & Rice Adult Dog Food is a highly palatable and digestible Fresh Scottish Salmon recipe for normally active adult dogs. It is ideal for adult dogs of all breeds with a normal activity level and particularly those requiring a diet to support optimal skin or coat condition. Salmon provides an excellent protein source and offers skin and coat benefits. Salmon is gentle on digestion and can also be of real benefit for dogs with sensitive skin. Arden Grange Salmon & Rice Adult Dog Food contains a unique blend of nutrients and natural supplements to help promote your pet's optimum health, vitality, and conditioning. Salmon is also considered a good “brain food”. Hence, it makes this diet popular as it helps to promote good serotonin levels, stable blood sugar, and controlled energy release throughout the day. This dog food contains a high level of omega 3 fatty acids naturally present in fish oil may help reduce the amount and effects of histamine produced in response to allergens. It is a moderately energy dense ideal adult maintenance feed for pet dogs or those in light work. A premium hypoallergenic feed which is free from wheat gluten, dairy products, beef, and soya, with no artificial coloring, flavorings or preservatives. Feeding your dog Arden Grange Salmon & Rice Dog Food can reduce the risk of dietary intolerance and allergies, which typically cause digestive disorders and skin complaints.