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Soft-sided pet carrier with an anti-scratch breathable mesh window and fabric to allow maximum ventilation and airflow for your pet ensuring a high level of comfort and space. The bottom has a removable padded base with a machine washable cover that acts like a cushion allowing your pet to rest with ease while travelling. Sturdy structure design with memory iron rods, a metal leash clip inside prevents your pet from jumping out. Added side pockets for extra storage for food etc is provided. This lightweight carrier opens from the top and one side for entry and exit and comes with sturdy straps for both hand and shoulder carry. The bottom guard of this carrier prevents the bag from touching the ground and it can be rolled or folded to fit in your car, bike or suitcase making it convenient to travel with. It provides a cosy and restful environment for your pet and reduces stress and anxiety travel. To choose the right carrier for your pet measure your pet’s length from neck to base of the tail (L), height from floor to top of the shoulder (H) and width (B) Carrier dimensions : L =18 x B = 12 x H = 12 in Max pet dimensions L = 16 x B = 10 X H = 10IN Max weight capacity of 12 kgs This will ensure enough support and room for your pet to stretch and get comfortable. This pet carrier is suitable for fitting into large bicycle baskets, road travel