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Goodies Strawberry Bone

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Goodies milky bone dog treats are contains liver extracts and calcium-Phosphorus. These are formulated to reduce Tartar Build-Up. This milky bone dog treats are best for the heart of the dog and helps to reducing cholesterol. These milky bone dog treats ensure good health & are fortified with natural Vitamins. It is a great treat and fetches stick for all breeds dogs. Goodies Milky Bone Strawberry Flavor dog treats add the special burst of flavor which melts delightfully in pet dog's mouth. It is the one of the best vegetarian dog treats; this comes with fiber laden whole wheat flour, honey, and jiggery among other ingredients. It is essential to keep the teeth in perfect condition for overall well-being of the pet. Features: Strawberry flavor Healthier dog treats containing 16 vitamins and minerals for better health. It contains Calcium that helps build strong healthy bones. It also contains protein to help muscle growth and strength. Prebiotics (FOS) aid in improving digestion for dogs by providing support to good bacteria, meaning that nutrients are absorbed better and the immune system works to its best. Gluten free, these treats are suitable for small to medium size dogs.