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XL-Min Tablets are multivitamin, multi-mineral supplement for dogs fortified with amino-acids. Petcare Livoferol Pet Supplement is a perfect supplement for a dog to improve health. It improves liver efficiency. Vitamins play a vital role in metabolism and other vital functions. It helps you to ensure better health for them. It works as a necessary aid to support their vital functions. One of the most crucial benefits of this pet supplement is it that improves efficiency of the liver by regulating hepatic microsomal enzymes. Key Ingredients: Vitamins Minerals Key Benefits: Provides puppies with balanced nutrition Offers an ample amount of protein for building strong muscle mass Improves cognitive skills and skin health Important fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 facilitates fat loss and reduces inflammation Helps keep bones and joints of the canine in strong condition Prebiotics maintains a healthy digestive system Directions For Use: Puppies - 5 ml twice a day Dogs - 10 ml twice a day Pregnant/Nursing female dogs - 15 ml twice a day Cats - 2.5 ml twice a day Pet birds -15 ml twice a day