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The Flexi New Classic Tape is a convenient retractable dog leash that is perfect for long walks in the countryside. You can let your dog explore as much as he or she wants while still safely being connected to you. It has a chrome snap hook to be attached to the collar and a short stroke braking system that allows you to stop the leash from extending. If you want it to be kept a specific length, you can even lock it at any time. It retracts automatically so there is no extra leash for your pet to get tangled up in. Features: Product type: Automatic retractable leash for dogs Reflective tape Chrome snap hook Extending leash can be paused Length can be locked at any time 5 m max. length Extra small - for dogs up to 12 kg Small - for dogs up to 15 kg Medium -for dogs up to 25 kg Large-for dogs up to 50 kg