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Active dogs need special nutrition. If you parent a powerhouse of energy, you need to be providing them with enough nutrition to sustain and grow in a healthy manner. Pedigree Pro Dog Food for Active Adult Dogs helps your dog be alert and agile. It also keeps their muscles strong and helps with making up for daily muscle wear and tear. Your active, working, sporting, gestating or lactating dog can get their nutritional fill through the food. Pedigree Pro Dog Food For Active Adult Dogs is a special formulation which provides balanced nutrition and high energy to your dog. Pedigree Pro Dog Food For Active Adult Dogs is perfect for active dogs like a working or sporting dog and pregnant or lactating dogs, who have a more than usual need for energy. Healthy fats supply energy to their bodies and protein assists in maintaining lean and sturdy muscles. Strengthening the defense mechanism of the dog, Pedigree Pro Dog Food For Active Adult Dogs also supports the digestive system of the body by adding prebiotics in the food. Omega fatty acids take care of the health of the skin and coat of your dog. Its superior antioxidant formula neutralizes free radicals present in the body thereby boosting the overall immunity.