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Promax - A nutritional supplement to aid digestive function in companion animals. Promax - Once A Day. Promax a triple action nutional supplement to help restore normal digestive function. Now in specific sizes so there is minimal wastage: Promax 9ml for cats and small breed dogs, 18ml for medium breeds and 30ml for large breeds. Promax is a unique formulation of natural ingredients each selected to perform a specific role in limiting digestive upset and quickly helping to restore normal digestive function. Promax is a probiotic and montmorillonite used to control and treat diarrhoea and digestive problems in cats and dogs. Digestive upsets can be caused by something simple such as inappropriate food or change of diet or more severe challenges such as stress, bacterial infection or antibiotic treatment. Rapid help is required to prevent excess damage to the intestinal mucosa and to restore the animal's well-being. Promax provides this help in a triple action nutritional supplement. Promax contains beneficial micro-organisms which help maintain normal digestive function during outbreaks of diarrhoea and stomach upsets. Promax is: Made using high purity, premium grade ingredients Manufactured in the UK to pharmacutical standards An easy to use breed specific product tailored to your pet's weight An advanced syringe design exclusively developed by Vetplus and ensures correct feeding and easy administration A convenient once-a-day program. Promax works by forming a protective lining on your pet's gut mucosa which helps return your cat and dog back to full health.