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Exapar Liquid

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Exapar liquid is a unique herbal medicine that acts as a uterine stimulant to prevent retention of placenta and tones up uterus for better post-partum reproductive efficiency. Exapar is an exclusive combination of standardised and highly efficacious medicinal herbs with potent ecbolic activity. In addition, the drug induces an effective uterine cleansing action through the activation of uterine secretions. It also helps in the improvement of uterine tonicity thereby, expediting the process of uterine involution. Exapar is an ideal herbal choice for both the treatment and prevention of retained placenta in cow, buffalo, mare, ewe and doe. Indications For the expulsion of retained placenta Delayed involution of the uterus For timely expulsion of the placenta after calving As a co-therapy for infertility treatment As an ideal uterine cleansing agent after manual removal of retained placenta