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Playtime is important for cats. Not only is it fun, but regular play will help keep your cat’s mind and body sharp and thus will help her lead a longer, happier, and healthier life. The playing rod with feathers is the perfect teaser toy. This looks like a fishing rod, which has a feather attached at one end and it makes a noise every time your cat presses it. This is an interactive toy and will give you quality time with your pet. This will entice the cat to jump and catch the toy, which is dangling from one end. This can be the perfect exercise for the obese cats. You can dust with catnip as this will attract the cat towards the toy. Playing rod with feather is a great exercise for cats who are obese. It has a plush toy on the elastic band, can be dusted with catnip. It is the perfect teaser toy, looks like a fishing rod having leather straps attached at one end and makes a noise every time the cat presses it. It will make the cat jump each time and catch the toy. A perfect toy for your cat that stimulate the playing instincts and hunting skills while provide fun entertainment and plenty of exercises. The 50 cm playing rod has colourful feathers that encourages playing and frolicking. It's made of hypo-allergenic materials and provides entertainment and hones their reflexes that keep them healthy.