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Time to let your pets chew their way to a glowing coat and healthy skin with Bark Out Loud's Turmeric Chewstix. They're the tastiest and easiest way to let your pets unleash their shiniest, healthiest avatars. They also taste great with an all-natural, preservative and additive-free, super yummy chicken flavor, making them the perfect treat for happy, healthy pets. ACTIVE ENZYMES - This formula contains the ideal combination of Quercetin and Bromelain, natural anti-allergic ingredients that help soothe redness, itching, inflammation. It keeps the skin hydrated while restoring the skin barrier function. COLD PRESS TECHNOLOGY - These tasty treats not only support healthy digestion but are made with a special cold-pressed process, which preserves even more antioxidants. TURMERIC - Bioactive Curcumin reduces free radical damage at skin level and hydrates it from within leaving the coat glowing and shiny. OMEGA FATTY ACIDS – It also contains EPA and DHA from fish oil that regulates skin oil production, balance hydration, softens rough and dry skin, and soothe irritation and dermatitis. VITAMIN A AND GRAPESEED EXTRACTS - Pumpkin’s antioxidants and Vitamin A help maintain collagen levels while grape seed extract helps skin remain healthy and elastic.