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About Product

ENTERO- CHRONIC SACHET, a remarkable product in the GASTRO INTESTINAL AND DIGESTIVE CARE category, is specifically formulated for the intricate needs of dogs and cats. This premium-quality powder, offered by VIVALDIS, is a testament to Animeal’s dedication to animal health and wellbeing. Its unique composition, featuring BUTYROGENIC GLICANS OLIGOSACCHARIDES, targets the repair and maintenance of the animal's gastrointestinal lining, making it an essential product for pets suffering from digestive issues.


Butyrogenic alpha-Glucan (2,500 mg): This primary ingredient plays a critical role in generating butyrate, vital for renewing and repairing the mucosal lining, thus protecting the intestine against oxidative stress and inflammation.
Beta-Glucans and Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) (300 mg): These components enhance the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, improving gut health and suppressing pathogenic microorganisms.
Chondroitin sulfate (MPS Protect) (120 mg): Helps reinforce mucins covering the intestinal surface, preventing the adherence of harmful bacteria.
Bentonite (660 mg): Acts as a technological additive, contributing to the overall efficacy of the product.

Features and Benefits

Key Features: Comprehensive Gut Repair: The sa...

Key Features:

Comprehensive Gut Repair: The sachet is designed to act on all three layers of the gut lining: microflora, mucus layer, and epithelial cells.
Inflammation Reduction: It significantly decreases gut lining inflammation, offering relief from discomfort.
Versatility: An ideal supportive therapy for both acute and chronic diarrhea in dogs and cats.
Uses and Benefits:
ENTERO- CHRONIC SACHET is pivotal in managing gastrointestinal disturbances in pets. Its multifaceted approach not only repairs damaged gut lining but also supports overall digestive health. It is particularly beneficial in cases of chronic diarrhea, enhancing the quality of life for both pets and pet parents. Animeal proudly aligns with this mission, offering solutions that contribute to the longevity and wellness of pets.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: Cats and Small Dogs: ½ sachet Medi...

How to Use:

Cats and Small Dogs: ½ sachet
Medium Dogs: 1-2 sachets
Large Dogs: 2-3 sachets
It is crucial to consult a veterinarian before starting any new medication. Animeal emphasizes this as a part of its responsible pet care philosophy.
Mechanism of Action:
The sachet works by providing essential nutrients that aid in the regeneration of the gut lining and fostering a healthy gut microflora, ensuring effective and safe relief from gastrointestinal issues.

Safety Advice:
While ENTERO- CHRONIC SACHET is safe for use in dogs and cats, it is always recommended to use under veterinary guidance. Adhering to the prescribed dosage and monitoring for any adverse reactions is crucial.

About the Brand - VIVALDIS:
VIVALDIS, renowned for its commitment to high-quality veterinary products, aligns seamlessly with Animeal’s standards. Their focus on innovative, science-backed solutions for pet health makes them a trusted name in animal care.

Animeal’s Prescription Policy:
Animeal offers ENTERO- CHRONIC SACHET post verification of a valid prescription, underscoring the importance of professional veterinary advice in pet medication.

While Animeal aims to provide accurate, expert-reviewed information, this should not replace professional medical advice. Always consult your veterinarian for health-related concerns, as Animeal supports, not replaces, the veterinarian-pet owner relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary function of ENTERO- CHRONIC SACHET?

The sachet is designed to repair the gut lining and support digestive health in dogs and cats.

Is it safe for all sizes of dogs and cats?

Yes, but the dosage varies: ½ sachet for small dogs and cats, 1-2 sachets for medium dogs, and 2-3 sachets for large dogs.

Can it be used for both acute and chronic diarrhea?

Absolutely. It's effective as a supportive therapy for diarrhea of all origins.

Should I consult a vet before using this product?

Yes, consulting a veterinarian is crucial for safe and appropriate use.

Where can I purchase ENTERO- CHRONIC SACHET?

It's available on Animeal, subject to prescription verification.

About Vivaldis

Vivaldis emerges as a pioneering force in the pet industry, dedicated to advancing pet well-being through its innovative range of healthcare solutions. With a firm foundation in veterinary science, Vivaldis offers a spectrum of products designed to address the comprehensive health needs of pets, including nutritional supplements, dermatological care, and therapeutic formulations. The brand's unwavering commitment to quality ensures that each product is developed with the highest standards of efficacy and safety in mind. Vivaldis also stands out for its dedication to environmental sustainability, employing green practices and materials to minimize its ecological footprint. With a history marked by a passion for enhancing the lives of pets, Vivaldis is the top choice for pet owners seeking effective, high-quality healthcare solutions. Discover Vivaldis and take a significant step towards enriching your pet's life.