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About Product

APPLAWS KITTEN TUNA CAN, an exceptional choice in the dry food category, is specifically crafted to meet the nutritional demands of growing kittens. This product embodies Animeal’s commitment to delivering high-quality, nutritious pet food, perfectly suited for the developmental needs of kittens. This formula is tailored to support the health and growth of young cats, reflecting Animeal's dedication to premium pet care.


Tuna Fillet: Provides high-quality protein, essential for the healthy growth and muscle development of kittens.
Fish Broth: Adds necessary hydration and enhances palatability, beneficial for young cats.
Rice: A source of carbohydrates, it aids in providing energy and easy digestion for kittens.
These ingredients highlight Animeal’s focus on supplying natural and nutritious food, with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, ensuring the wellbeing of kittens​​​​​​​​.

Features and Benefits

Key Features: High Protein Content: Crucial fo...

Key Features:

High Protein Content: Crucial for the development of healthy muscles and overall growth in kittens.
Natural Ingredients: The product is free from harmful additives, aligning with Animeal's emphasis on natural pet care.
Complementary Food: Designed to be part of a balanced diet when combined with other kitten-appropriate foods​​​​.
Uses and Benefits:
APPLAWS KITTEN TUNA CAN, in line with Animeal's mission, offers a host of benefits including supporting muscle growth, aiding in proper hydration, and providing energy for active kittens. It's an excellent choice for pet owners and veterinarians looking for a nutritious addition to a kitten's diet.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: The APPLAWS CAT OCEAN FISH CAN is e...

How to Use:
The APPLAWS CAT OCEAN FISH CAN is easy to integrate into your cat’s diet. Vary the quantity based on the size of your cat. It's essential to consult a veterinarian for personalized dietary advice.

Feeding Guide and Nutritional Info:

Cats up to 5lbs: 1 Can
Cats 5 to 10lbs: 2 Cans
Cats over 10lbs: 3 Cans​​.
This product aligns with Animeal’s dedication to informed pet care, offering a balanced diet when paired with dry food.

Storage Advice:
Store the product in a cool, dry place. Once opened, refrigerate and use within a reasonable time frame.

About Brand:
APPLAWS is synonymous with high-quality, natural nutritionist products, echoing Animeal’s standards for premium pet food. They focus on simplicity and natural ingredients, ensuring the well-being of your pets.

Animeal provides expert-reviewed, trustworthy information but emphasizes that this should not replace professional nutritionist advice. Always consult your veterinarian for health-related questions, reinforcing Animeal’s support in the doctor-patient relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is APPLAWS CAT OCEAN FISH CAN suitable for kittens?

It’s primarily formulated for adult cats. Consult a vet for kitten-specific nutrition.

Can this product be the sole diet for my cat?

It's a complementary food. Pair with dry food for a complete diet.

Does this product contain any preservatives?

No, it’s free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.

Is it suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs?

It's natural and simple, but consult your vet for specific dietary needs.

How long can I store an opened can in the fridge?

Use within a few days after opening for freshness.

About Applaws

Welcome to Applaws, where pet well-being is our passion and purpose. With a legacy of excellence in pet nutrition, our commitment to quality sets us apart. Our innovative product range is meticulously crafted with the finest natural ingredients to ensure your furry family members thrive. We take pride in our eco-conscious approach, prioritizing sustainability at every step. When you choose Applaws, you choose a brand that's dedicated to the health and happiness of your pets and the planet. Elevate your pet's life today – explore our exceptional range and give your pets the nutrition they deserve. Join the Applaws family for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.