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About Product

GODREJ BROILER FINISHER FOOD, a specialized DRY FOOD offering, is formulated to cater to the nutritional needs of a wide range of birds, including parakeets, macaws, and pigeons, as well as chickens. This VEG FOOD reflects Animeal's commitment to providing high-quality products that support the health and growth of various bird species.

Maize (66%): A primary energy source, rich in carbohydrates.
Soya Meal (18.55%): Provides essential proteins for muscle development.
Groundnut Cake (7%): An additional protein source with healthy fats.
Brewer’s Dried Grain (5%): Supplies fiber and aids in digestion.
Bone Meal (2%): A source of calcium for strong bones and beaks.
Oyster Shell (0.5%): Enhances calcium content, crucial for eggshell formation.
Broiler Premix (0.25%): Contains vitamins and minerals for overall health.
Salt (0.5%): Essential for electrolyte balance.
Methionine (0.1%) & Lysine (0.1%): Important amino acids for growth and feather health.
Animeal ensures these ingredients are of the highest quality, aligning with their standard for trusted pet care.

Features and Benefits

Key Features High Nutrient Density: Designed to...

Key Features
High Nutrient Density: Designed to meet the growing needs of birds.
Balanced Formula: Ensures proper growth and development.
Uses and Benefits
This food is ideal for the rapid growth phase of birds, offering balanced nutrition for healthy development. It supports muscle growth, feather health, and overall well-being, in line with Animeal’s mission to support pet owners and veterinarians.

Usage and Applications

How to Use Consult a veterinarian for specific ...

How to Use
Consult a veterinarian for specific feeding instructions based on the species, age, and health of the bird. Adjust quantities to meet the growth needs of the bird.

Feeding Guide and Nutritional Info
The composition of GODREJ BROILER FINISHER FOOD provides a balanced diet for birds during their growth phase.

Storage Advice
Store in a cool, dry place, keeping the package sealed to maintain freshness and nutrient integrity, following Animeal's guidelines for animal safety.

About Brand
GODREJ, aligned with Animeal’s high standards, focuses on providing nutritionally rich and well-balanced food for pets, emphasizing the well-being and growth of various bird species.

While Animeal provides expert-reviewed information, it should not replace professional advice. Always consult a veterinarian for health-related queries, emphasizing Animeal’s role in supporting the veterinarian-pet owner relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this food suitable for all bird species mentioned?

Yes, it’s formulated to meet the nutritional needs of a variety of birds.

Can this food be used for egg-laying birds?

Yes, its calcium content is beneficial for egg-laying birds.

How much of this food should be fed to birds daily?

Consult a veterinarian for specific feeding guidelines based on the bird's species and age.

Does this food support feather health?

Yes, it contains amino acids crucial for feather development.

How should the food be stored?

Store in a cool, dry place and seal the package after use.