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About Product

CANINE CREEK STARTER DRY FOOD is a premium dry food option from Drools, specifically formulated for the nutritional needs of puppies during their crucial early stages of development. This product plays a pivotal role in animal healthcare, ensuring that young canines receive the essential nutrients for optimal growth and development. Animeal proudly offers this high-quality product, reflecting our commitment to providing the best for your pets.

High-Quality Protein Sources: Essential for healthy muscle development and growth.
DHA and ARA: Vital for cognitive development and vision health.
Calcium and Phosphorus: For strong bone and teeth development.
Digestible Carbohydrates: Provide energy for active, growing puppies.

Features and Benefits

Key Features: Balanced Nutrition: Formulated to...

Key Features:
Balanced Nutrition: Formulated to support the overall growth and development of puppies.
Immune System Support: Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to bolster the immune system.
Easy to Digest: Made with ingredients that are gentle on a puppy's developing digestive system.
Uses and Benefits:
CANINE CREEK STARTER DRY FOOD is designed to support the rapid growth phase of puppies. It ensures balanced nutrition for developing bones, muscles, and brains. Animeal recognizes the importance of this life stage and offers this product to support pet owners and veterinarians in nurturing healthy, vibrant puppies.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: Follow the feeding guide on the pac...

How to Use:
Follow the feeding guide on the packaging for the correct dosage based on your puppy's size and weight. It's important to consult a veterinarian for personalized feeding advice, especially for specific breed needs.

Feeding Guide and Nutritional Info:
This product is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for puppies. The feeding guide varies depending on the puppy's weight and age, ensuring a balanced diet throughout the growth period.

Storage Advice:
Store CANINE CREEK STARTER DRY FOOD in a cool, dry place. Ensure the pack is properly sealed after each use to maintain freshness and prevent contamination.

About the Brand:
DROOLS, the manufacturer of CANINE CREEK STARTER DRY FOOD, aligns with Animeal’s standards for high-quality, nutritionist-approved pet products.

While Animeal offers expert-reviewed, accurate information, it's crucial to consult with a veterinarian for specific health-related advice. This information is not intended to replace professional guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CANINE CREEK STARTER DRY FOOD suitable for all puppy breeds?

Yes, it's formulated for the diverse nutritional needs of various puppy breeds.

How often should I feed my puppy this food?

The frequency depends on the puppy's age and breed. Consult the feeding guide or a veterinarian.

Can this food help with my puppy's coat health?

Yes, it contains ingredients that promote a healthy skin and coat.

Is it grain-free?

This depends on the specific formulation. Check the product label for details.

How long should my puppy stay on this infant food?

Typically, until they reach 12 months of age, but this can vary by breed.
Canine Creek

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