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About Product

Introducing the FREOSSI FREPRIMECAL TABLET, a revolutionary addition to your pet's health regimen, brought to you by FREDUNVET. This premium calcium supplement is specifically formulated to support the bone health of dogs and cats, making it an essential product for pet parents who prioritize their furry friends' wellbeing. Animeal is proud to offer this high-quality supplement, ensuring your pets receive the best care.

Calcium: Vital for strong bones and teeth, calcium plays a crucial role in your pet's overall health.
Phosphorus: Works in tandem with calcium to enhance bone strength and density.
Vitamin D3: Facilitates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, ensuring optimal bone health.
Collagen: Supports joint health and mobility, crucial for active pets.

Features and Benefits

Key Features Bone Health: Strengthens bones, pr...

Key Features
Bone Health: Strengthens bones, preventing conditions like osteoporosis.
Growth Support: Ideal for physical growth and tissue repair, especially in young pets.
Lactation Support: Essential for pregnant pets, aiding in bone remineralization during lactation.
FREOSSI FREPRIMECAL TABLET is not just a supplement; it's a commitment to your pet's health. It aids in fracture healing, supports physical growth, and ensures robust bone development. Animeal understands the importance of your pet's health, aligning with FREDUNVET's mission to provide top-tier supplements.

Usage and Applications

How to Use Administer as directed on the label ...

How to Use
Administer as directed on the label or as advised by your veterinarian. Animeal emphasizes the importance of professional guidance for the best results.

About the Brand
FREDUNVET, renowned for its high-quality pet supplements, aligns perfectly with Animeal's standards, ensuring your pets receive nothing but the best.

Animeal’s Recommendation
While FREOSSI FREPRIMECAL TABLET is available over the counter, consulting a veterinarian ensures personalized care for your pet.

Animeal provides expert-reviewed, accurate information. However, this should not replace professional veterinary advice. Always consult your vet for health-related concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FREOSSI FREPRIMECAL TABLET suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats?

Yes, it's formulated for diverse breeds, but always consult your vet for tailored advice.

How often should I give this supplement to my pet?

Follow the label instructions or your veterinarian's guidance.

Can pregnant pets take this supplement?

Absolutely, it's beneficial for pregnant pets, aiding in bone health during lactation.

Are there any side effects?

When used as directed, side effects are rare. Consult your vet for specific concerns.

How should I store the tablets?

Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children.

About Fredunvet

Welcome to Fredunvet, where pet well-being is our unwavering commitment. With a rich history rooted in pet care excellence, we prioritize your pet's health and happiness. Our innovative product range, backed by extensive research, offers tailored solutions to meet your pet's unique needs. What truly sets us apart is our dedication to quality and environmental sustainability; Fredunvet products are crafted with precision and eco-conscious materials, ensuring both pet health and a greener planet. Choose Fredunvet as your trusted partner in pet care. Explore our exceptional range today and give your pets the love and care they deserve. Join us in enhancing pets' lives with Fredunvet. Your pet's well-being begins here.