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About Product

GLYCOFLEX TABLET, a premium product by MSD, is a highly recommended veterinary medicine for dogs experiencing joint discomfort and mobility issues, particularly active, competitive, and senior dogs. This tablet form supplement, packaged in a 30TAB pack, is meticulously formulated to support joint health and connective tissue integrity. Animeal, committed to offering top-notch animal healthcare products, proudly includes GLYCOFLEX TABLET in its range, ensuring your pets receive the best care for their joint health.


Glucosamine HCl (Shrimp and Crab) - 750 mg: A vital component for maintaining joint health, aiding in cartilage repair and formation.
Perna canaliculus (Green-Lipped Mussel) - 600 mg: Sourced from GlycOmega, it's rich in nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids, supporting joint comfort and mobility.
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) - 500 mg: Provides sulfur, a crucial building block for joints and connective tissues.
N,N-Dimethylglycine HCl (DMG) - 100 mg: Enhances oxygen utilization and supports joint comfort.
Manganese (Mn Amino Acid Chelate) - 10 mg: An essential mineral for bone formation and enzymatic reactions in joint health.
Vitamins C and E, Selenium, Grape Seed Extract: These antioxidants support overall joint health and protect against free radical damage.

Features and Benefits

Key Features: Clinically proven to support joi...

Key Features:

Clinically proven to support joint health in dogs.
Formulated with high-quality, pure active ingredients.
Helps cushion joints and promote healthy cartilage.
May alleviate discomfort from normal daily activities.
Uses and Benefits:
GLYCOFLEX TABLET is particularly beneficial for dogs with joint conditions, aiding in improving their mobility and reducing discomfort. Its comprehensive formula supports the overall health of the joints and connective tissues, making it an essential supplement for maintaining an active lifestyle for your pet.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: Administer according to the weight ...

How to Use:
Administer according to the weight of the dog, as advised by a veterinarian. It's crucial to follow the recommended dosage and to consult a veterinarian for the best advice. Animeal encourages responsible pet ownership and the importance of veterinary guidance.

Mechanism of Action:
GLYCOFLEX TABLET works by supplying essential nutrients to the joints and connective tissues, aiding in the repair and maintenance of cartilage, and providing anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce discomfort.

Safety Advice:
Always consult a veterinarian before starting any new supplement for your pet. Monitor your pet for any adverse reactions and discontinue use if necessary. Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from children and other animals.

About the Brand:
MSD, a globally recognized brand, aligns perfectly with Animeal’s standards of offering high-quality veterinary products. Their commitment to animal health and well-being is evident in the efficacy and safety of their products.

Animeal’s Prescription Policy:
Animeal offers GLYCOFLEX TABLET post verification of a valid prescription, ensuring responsible pet care and the wellbeing of your furry friends.

While Animeal provides expert-reviewed, accurate, and trustworthy information, this description should not substitute professional medical advice. Always consult your veterinarian for health-related questions, underscoring Animeal’s role in supporting the doctor-patient relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GLYCOFLEX TABLET used for?

GLYCOFLEX TABLET is used to support joint health and alleviate discomfort in dogs, particularly those with joint conditions.

How should GLYCOFLEX TABLET be administered?

It should be given according to the dosage recommended by a veterinarian, based on the dog’s weight.

Is GLYCOFLEX TABLET safe for all dogs?

While it is generally safe, it’s crucial to consult a veterinarian before use, especially for dogs with pre-existing health conditions.

Can GLYCOFLEX TABLET be used for cats?

Yes, GLYCOFLEX TABLET is also suitable for cats, as indicated by the manufacturer MSD.

Are there any side effects of GLYCOFLEX TABLET?

Side effects are uncommon, but any adverse reactions should be reported to a veterinarian immediately.