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About Product

NEPHROWAYS SYRUP by PET MANKIND is a premium veterinary medicine in the Urinary Tract and Renal Care category, tailored for pet animals. This 200ML syrup, rich in natural ingredients including Cranberry and Boehavia Diffusa, offers a comprehensive approach to maintaining urinary tract health in pets. Animeal proudly presents this product, showcasing our commitment to quality and effective healthcare solutions for pets.

Berginia Ligulata: Aids in dissolving kidney stones and managing urinary infections.
Crataeva Nurvala: Acts as a urinary tonic, enhancing the health of the urinary system.
Cranberry: Known for preventing urinary tract infections and supporting bladder health.
Boehavia Diffusa: Offers diuretic properties and helps in the overall functioning of the urinary system.
These ingredients work synergistically to ensure a safe and effective approach to urinary health, in line with Animeal's dedication to offering products with trusted and reliable components.

Features and Benefits

Key Features Natural and Holistic Formulation: ...

Key Features
Natural and Holistic Formulation: Ensures a gentle approach to pet health care.
Comprehensive Urinary Support: Specially formulated to maintain urinary tract wellness.
Versatile for Various Species: Ideal for a wide range of pets, ensuring broad applicability.
Animeal ensures that NEPHROWAYS SYRUP meets the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

Uses and Benefits
NEPHROWAYS SYRUP is primarily used for the maintenance and support of urinary tract health in pets. It is effective in managing conditions like kidney stones and urinary tract infections, supporting Animeal’s mission to offer comprehensive health care for pets.

Usage and Applications

How to Use Administer as directed by a veterina...

How to Use
Administer as directed by a veterinarian. The dosage depends on the pet’s size and specific health needs. Animeal advocates for responsible pet care under veterinary supervision.

Mechanism of Action
NEPHROWAYS SYRUP works by promoting diuresis, preventing urinary infections, and supporting the natural functions of the urinary tract, reflecting Animeal’s dedication to informed and holistic pet care.

Safety Advice
While NEPHROWAYS SYRUP is generally safe due to its natural composition, it's important to adhere to veterinary advice for dosage and administration. Animeal prioritizes the safety and well-being of pets in all its products.

About the Brand
PET MANKIND, renowned for its high-quality veterinary products, aligns perfectly with Animeal’s standards for excellence in animal health care.

Animeal’s Prescription Policy
Animeal offers NEPHROWAYS SYRUP post verification of a valid prescription, underscoring our commitment to responsible pet care.

Animeal provides expert-reviewed, accurate information but advises consulting a veterinarian for health-related decisions. This information should not replace professional medical advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NEPHROWAYS SYRUP used for?

For supporting urinary tract health in pets.

What are the key natural ingredients in NEPHROWAYS SYRUP?

Berginia Ligulata, Crataeva Nurvala, Cranberry, and Boehavia Diffusa.

How is NEPHROWAYS SYRUP administered?

Follow the veterinarian's dosage instructions based on the pet's condition.

Is NEPHROWAYS SYRUP suitable for all pet animals?

Yes, but consult a veterinarian for the appropriate dosage.

Are there any side effects of NEPHROWAYS SYRUP?

Generally safe, but monitor pets for any adverse reactions.