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About Product

POOCH NOME TABLET, proudly presented by PANAV BIO-TECH, is a groundbreaking antibiotic medicine in the veterinary world. Formulated with Cefquinome Sulphate, a potent fourth-generation Cephalosporin, this tablet is essential for combating serious infections in dogs and cats. Animeal, committed to superior pet healthcare, offers this highly effective treatment for E. Coli septicaemia and severe respiratory infections.


Cefquinome Sulphate (10 mg): A powerful antibacterial agent, effective against a broad range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, ensuring rapid recovery and wellness.
Excipients: Quality compounds used to formulate the tablet, ensuring stability and efficacy.

Features and Benefits

Key Features: Targeted Effectiveness: Specific...

Key Features:

Targeted Effectiveness: Specifically designed for treating E. Coli septicaemia and severe respiratory infections.
Highly Advanced Formula: Utilizes advanced veterinary science to provide a safe and effective treatment.
Easy Administration: Comes in a simple tablet form, making it convenient for pet owners to administer.
Uses and Benefits:
POOCH NOME TABLET is instrumental in treating E. Coli-related conditions like enteritis, pyometra, cystitis, and mastitis, as well as severe respiratory infections. By choosing this product, you align with Animeal's vision of empowering pet owners and veterinarians with superior health solutions.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: Administer 1-2 mg/kg body weight on...

How to Use:
Administer 1-2 mg/kg body weight once daily or as directed by a veterinarian. This medication is a testament to Animeal’s dedication to providing treatments that are both effective and easy to administer.

Mechanism of Action:
Cefquinome, the main ingredient, works by disrupting the bacterial cell wall synthesis, leading to bacterial death. This action reflects Animeal's commitment to informed and advanced pet care.

Safety Advice:

Not for use in animals under 1.25 kg or with known hypersensitivity to β-lactam antibiotics.
Consult a veterinarian before use.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.
About the Brand:
PANAV BIO-TECH, renowned for its high-quality veterinary products, aligns with Animeal’s standards for excellence in animal health solutions.

Animeal’s Prescription Policy:
Available post verification of a valid prescription, emphasizing responsible pet care.

While Animeal provides expert-reviewed, accurate information, this should not replace professional veterinary advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main use of POOCH NOME TABLET?

Primarily used to treat E. Coli septicaemia and severe respiratory infections in dogs and cats.

How should POOCH NOME TABLET be administered?

Administer 1-2 mg/kg body weight once daily, or as prescribed by your veterinarian.

Can POOCH NOME TABLET be used for all breeds of dogs and cats?

Yes, it is suitable for all breeds, but not for animals under 1.25 kg or with hypersensitivity to β-lactam antibiotics.

How can I purchase POOCH NOME TABLET?

Available on Animeal, subject to a valid prescription.
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