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About Product

Introducing the POOCH ULTRA VITAMINS TABLET, a comprehensive multivitamin supplement designed specifically for the health and vitality of your canine companions. Formulated by PANAV BIO-TECH, these tablets are a blend of essential vitamins and minerals that cater to the unique nutritional needs of dogs. Whether you have an energetic puppy or a senior dog, these tablets ensure your pet maintains optimal health, vitality, and wellness.


Calcium (min 2.5%, max 3.5%): Essential for strong bones, teeth, and muscular function.
Phosphorus (2.5%): Works in tandem with calcium for bone health and energy metabolism.
Iron (3.0mg): Crucial for healthy blood cells and energy levels.
Zinc (1.4mg): Supports immune function and skin health.
Magnesium (0.15%): Important for nerve and muscle function.
Potassium (0.4%): Vital for heart health and fluid balance.
Copper (0.1mg) and Manganese (0.25mg): Essential for various bodily functions including metabolism and bone health.

Features and Benefits

Key Features: Immune System Boost: Fortified w...

Key Features:

Immune System Boost: Fortified with vitamins and minerals to strengthen your dog’s immune system.
Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility: Ingredients that support joint health and improve mobility.
Skin and Coat Health: Promotes clear skin and a lustrous coat.
POOCH ULTRA VITAMINS TABLET is more than just a supplement; it's a commitment to your dog's long-term health. It boosts the immune system, clears skin issues, improves mobility and flexibility, restores vitality, and increases appetite. This aligns perfectly with Animeal’s mission to support pet health and wellness.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: For dogs weighing up to 10 kg, admi...

How to Use:
For dogs weighing up to 10 kg, administer 1/2 tablet daily. For dogs above 10 kg, 1 tablet daily is recommended. Always ensure that your pet has access to fresh water.

About the Brand:
PANAV BIO-TECH is renowned for its high-quality pet supplements, aligning with Animeal’s standards of excellence. Their commitment to pet health is evident in the meticulous formulation of the POOCH ULTRA VITAMINS TABLET.

Animeal’s Recommendation:
While POOCH ULTRA VITAMINS TABLET is available over the counter, Animeal recommends consulting a veterinarian for the best dietary advice for your pet.

This information is provided with the intent to offer accurate and trustworthy pet health advice. However, it should not replace professional veterinary consultation. Always consult your veterinarian for health-related concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is POOCH ULTRA VITAMINS TABLET suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, it's formulated to meet the nutritional needs of various dog breeds, with dosage instructions based on weight.

Can these vitamins help with my dog's skin issues?

Absolutely, the blend of minerals and vitamins is beneficial for skin health, promoting a clear and healthy coat.

How quickly will I see improvements in my dog's health?

Results can vary, but many pet parents notice improvements in vitality and overall health within a few weeks of regular use.

Can I give this supplement to my puppy?

Yes, but the dosage may vary based on the puppy's size and weight. Consult your veterinarian for precise guidance.
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