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About Product

RC ROTTWEILER PUPPY DRY FOOD (L), crafted by ROYAL CANIN, is a premium nourishment choice for your growing Rottweiler puppy. This expertly formulated kibble supports the unique needs of Rottweilers during their crucial developmental phase. Ensuring a balanced diet, this non-veg food caters to the robust growth demands of these active and playful puppies, who evolve into dependable watchdogs. It's a testament to Animeal’s dedication to delivering top-tier pet healthcare solutions.


Chicken by-product meal: A concentrated protein source to support muscle growth.
Brewers rice & Brown rice: Provides carbohydrates for energy.
Wheat gluten & Corn: Essential for developing a healthy digestive system.
Chicken fat & Fish oil: Rich in Omega-3 for a healthy coat and skin.
Dried plain beet pulp & Vegetable oil: Enhances digestion and stool quality.
Vitamins and Minerals: A range of supplements including vitamin E, vitamin C, and calcium to boost the immune system and bone health​​.

Features and Benefits

Key Features: Exclusive Kibble Design: Specifi...

Key Features:

Exclusive Kibble Design: Specifically shaped for Rottweiler puppies' jaws, aiding in easy pick-up and chewing​​.
Immune System Support: Fortified with antioxidants and vitamins to bolster the immune system during the critical growth stage.
Muscle and Bone Development: Optimal levels of protein, calcium, phosphorus, and L-carnitine to support muscular and skeletal health.
Uses and Benefits:
RC ROTTWEILER PUPPY DRY FOOD (L) is designed to support the health and vitality of Rottweiler puppies. It helps in building a robust immune system, ensures healthy muscle and bone development, and maintains excellent digestive health. These benefits align with Animeal's commitment to nurturing pets through scientifically-developed nutrition.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: This food should be administered as...

How to Use:
This food should be administered as per the puppy's age and targeted adult weight. The daily feeding recommendations vary from 3 cups (293g) at 2 months to 4 5/8 cups (449g) at 14 months​​. Always consult a veterinarian for personalized feeding advice.

Feeding Guide and Nutritional Info:
RC ROTTWEILER PUPPY DRY FOOD (L) complies with AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for growth, including large-size dogs (70 lb or more as an adult)​​. It ensures a balanced intake of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, vital for a Rottweiler puppy's growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this food suitable for all breeds of puppies?

No, it's specifically formulated for Rottweiler puppies.

Can this food be given to puppies under 2 months?

It's recommended for puppies from 8 weeks to 18 months old.

Is a veterinarian consultation necessary before using this product?

Yes, for tailored feeding recommendations.

Does this product contain any artificial additives?

It contains preservatives and antioxidants as per nutritional needs.

How long should my puppy be fed with this food?

Up to 19 months, before transitioning to adult food.
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Royal Canin stands as a paragon of excellence in the pet industry, with a steadfast dedication to pet well-being at the heart of its mission. Offering an innovative range of products tailored to the precise nutritional needs of cats and dogs, Royal Canin sets itself apart through its commitment to science-based nutritional solutions. With a history spanning over 50 years, the brand has consistently prioritized the health and happiness of pets, making it a preferred choice for pet owners worldwide. Royal Canin's commitment to quality is matched by its dedication to environmental sustainability, ensuring a healthier planet for pets and their owners alike. Discover Royal Canin and elevate your pet's health and happiness with nutrition that's as precise as it is compassionate.