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About Product

RC STERILIZED CAT GRAVY is a premium wet food option from ROYAL CANIN, specifically designed for neutered adult cats. This product stands out in the category of wet food due to its targeted nutritional profile, catering to the unique needs of sterilized cats. Animeal proudly offers this specialized food, reflecting their commitment to quality and animal health. RC STERILIZED CAT GRAVY ensures that neutered cats receive the balanced nutrition they require, without the excess calories that can lead to weight gain, a common concern post-neutering.


Meat and Animal Derivatives: Provide essential proteins and fats, vital for maintaining healthy muscle mass and overall vitality.
Cereals: Source of carbohydrates, aiding in providing energy for daily activities.
Derivatives of Vegetable Origin: Offer necessary fibers and micronutrients, contributing to digestive health.
Minerals: Essential for maintaining bone health and metabolic processes.
Vegetable Protein Extracts: Supplement proteins from meat, ensuring a balanced amino acid profile.
Various Sugars: Small amounts for energy. Nutritional additives like Vitamin D3, Iron, Iodine, Copper, Manganese, and Zinc further enhance the nutritional value​​​​.

Features and Benefits

Key Features: Controlled Energy Content: Helps...

Key Features:

Controlled Energy Content: Helps in managing the weight of sterilized cats.
Optimal Nutritional Profile: Matches the instinctive preferences of adult cats, ensuring palatability and proper nutrition.
Balanced Minerals: Supports a healthy urinary system, crucial for neutered cats.
Uses and Benefits:
RC STERILIZED CAT GRAVY is tailored to meet the specific needs of sterilized cats. It aids in maintaining an ideal weight, supports a healthy urinary system, and matches the cats' instinctive nutritional preferences. These benefits align with Animeal’s mission to support the well-being of pets through informed nutritional choices​​​​.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: Feed according to the cat's wei...

How to Use:
Feed according to the cat's weight and energy needs, adjusting the amount as necessary. Consultation with a veterinarian is recommended for personalized feeding advice. It's suitable for mixed feeding with dry food, following the guidelines to ensure a balanced diet​​.

Feeding Guide and Nutritional Info:
The feeding guide varies based on the cat's weight and activity level, ranging from 125g to 600g per day. The food contains an ideal balance of proteins, fats, fibers, and moisture, maintaining overall health and supporting specific needs of sterilized cats​​.

Storage Advice:
Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, refrigerate and use within a specified period to ensure freshness and prevent spoilage.

About the Brand:
ROYAL CANIN is renowned for its high-quality, nutritionist-approved pet foods. Their commitment to pet health and nutrition aligns perfectly with Animeal’s standards for offering top-tier products to their customers.

While Animeal provides expert-reviewed, accurate information on RC STERILIZED CAT GRAVY, this should not replace professional nutritionist advice. Consult a veterinarian for health-related queries, as Animeal supports, but does not replace, the veterinarian-pet owner relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product suitable for all adult cats?

Yes, particularly beneficial for sterilized cats.

Can it be mixed with dry food?

Yes, follow the mixed feeding guidelines for optimal benefit.

Is it suitable for cats with specific health issues?

Consult a veterinarian for advice on specific health conditions.

How long can it be stored once opened?

Refrigerate and use within 48 hours of opening.

Are there any artificial additives?

Contains only necessary nutritional and technological additives.
Royal Canin

About Royal Canin

Royal Canin stands as a paragon of excellence in the pet industry, with a steadfast dedication to pet well-being at the heart of its mission. Offering an innovative range of products tailored to the precise nutritional needs of cats and dogs, Royal Canin sets itself apart through its commitment to science-based nutritional solutions. With a history spanning over 50 years, the brand has consistently prioritized the health and happiness of pets, making it a preferred choice for pet owners worldwide. Royal Canin's commitment to quality is matched by its dedication to environmental sustainability, ensuring a healthier planet for pets and their owners alike. Discover Royal Canin and elevate your pet's health and happiness with nutrition that's as precise as it is compassionate.