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About Product

VETLIFE DIABETIC DOG DRY FOOD (S) focuses on the regulation of glucose supply in dogs with diabetes mellitus. Its formula is aimed at reducing excessive body weight, an important aspect of managing diabetes in dogs. The product comes in kibble form, making it convenient for feeding and dosage control.

Ingredients and Their Roles
Dehydrated Chicken: A high-quality protein source, essential for muscle maintenance and overall health.
Whole Spelt and Whole Oats: Nutritious grains that provide dietary fiber and essential nutrients.
Hydrolyzed Ocean Fish Protein and Dehydrated Herring: Easily digestible and high-quality protein sources.
Dehydrated Egg Product: Provides additional high-quality protein and essential nutrients.
Dried Beet Pulp and Pea Fiber: Sources of dietary fiber, aiding in digestion.
Chicken Fat and Salmon Oil: Offer essential fatty acids for skin, coat health, and immune support.
Flaxseed: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber.
Chicory Root Extract and Yeast Extract: Contain inulin and mannan-oligosaccharides, beneficial for digestive health.
Various Vitamins and Minerals: Including Vitamin A, D3, E, and B-complex, supporting overall well-being.

Features and Benefits

Key Features High-Quality Protein Content: Supp...

Key Features
High-Quality Protein Content: Supports muscle maintenance and general health.
Controlled Carbohydrate Levels: To regulate blood sugar levels.
Rich in Dietary Fiber: Aids in digestion and helps in managing weight.
Essential Fatty Acids: Support skin, coat, and immune health.
Veterinarian Recommended: Formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of dogs with diabetes.
Uses and Benefits
This food is ideal for dogs with diabetes, providing balanced nutrition to help regulate blood sugar levels and manage body weight. It also supports overall health, including immune function and digestive health.

Usage and Applications

How to Use Follow the feeding guide as per the ...

How to Use
Follow the feeding guide as per the product packaging and consult a veterinarian to adjust the feeding amount based on your dog's specific health needs and condition.

Feeding Guide and Nutritional Info
The product contains 33.00% crude protein, 10.50% crude fat, and essential vitamins and minerals. The carbohydrate content is controlled, with a maximum of 17.5% starch and 1.30% total sugar, suitable for diabetic dogs.

Storage Advice
Store in a cool, dry place. Ensure the package is securely closed after each use to maintain freshness and prevent contamination.

VET LIFE is a renowned brand in pet nutrition, focusing on dietetic solutions for various health conditions in pets. Their alignment with Animeal’s standards for high-quality nutritionist products makes them a trusted choice for pet owners.

Animeal provides expert-reviewed information but emphasizes the importance of consulting a veterinarian for personalized advice, especially for pets with health conditions like diabetes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this food suitable for all dog breeds with diabetes?

Yes, but consider individual health needs.

Can puppies with diabetes consume this food?

Consult a vet as puppies have different nutritional requirements.

How long should my dog be on this diet?

This depends on your dog's health condition; consult a vet.

Is the food grain-free?

It contains whole grains like spelt and oats.

Can this food be mixed with other dog foods?

Consult a veterinarian before combining different dietary products.
Vet Life

About Vet Life

Vet Life emerges as a trailblazer in the pet industry, dedicated to advancing pet well-being through its scientifically formulated nutritional solutions. Specializing in therapeutic diets, Vet Life addresses a wide range of health concerns, offering targeted support for pets with specific dietary needs. The brand's commitment to quality is unparalleled, with each product developed in collaboration with veterinarians and pet nutrition experts to ensure the highest standards of efficacy and safety. Vet Life also champions environmental sustainability, employing eco-friendly practices and packaging to minimize its ecological footprint. With a history of innovation and care, Vet Life stands as the preferred choice for pet owners seeking specialized nutritional support for their pets. Discover Vet Life's comprehensive range and take a step towards enhancing your pet's health and quality of life.