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About Product

Introducing VJCAL: The Ultimate Calcium Supplement for All Animals

Welcome to 'animeal,' your one-stop destination for premium pet and animal products. We are proud to present VJCAL, a standout product in the CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT and SUPPLEMENTS category. With its unique formulation and exceptional benefits, VJCAL is the perfect choice for all animals, ensuring their optimal health and wellbeing.

Ingredients/Main Content:
VJCAL is packed with the goodness of pure Calcium, a vital mineral that plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and overall bodily functions. Our premium Calcium formulation is carefully curated to deliver maximum absorption and effectiveness. With VJCAL, you can trust that your beloved pets and animals are receiving the highest quality supplement available.

Features and Benefits

Uses and Benefits: VJCAL offers a wide range o...

Uses and Benefits:

VJCAL offers a wide range of uses and benefits, making it an essential addition to your pet's or animal's daily routine. Whether you have a playful pup, a majestic horse, or a curious kitten, VJCAL caters to the specific needs of all animals. Regular consumption of VJCAL enhances bone strength, promotes healthy teeth, and supports overall growth and development. Say goodbye to weak bones and hello to a vibrant and active life with VJCAL.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: Using VJCAL is effortless and conv...

How to Use:

Using VJCAL is effortless and convenient. Simply follow the clear usage instructions provided on the bottle. The unique BOTTLE packaging ensures easy access and precise dosage for all animals. Add the recommended amount of VJCAL to your pet's or animal's food or water, and let the power of Calcium work its magic.

Feeding Guide and Nutritional Info:
To ensure optimum health and nutrition, please refer to the feeding guidelines and nutritional information on the packaging. These guidelines are essential for pet/animal owners to understand the appropriate dosage and feeding frequency for their specific needs.

Storage Advice:
To preserve the quality and effectiveness of VJCAL, it is recommended to store the bottle in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. The BOTTLE packaging is designed to maintain the freshness of the Calcium supplement, ensuring its potency until the last drop.

About the Brand:
VJV is a trusted and renowned brand known for its commitment to providing top-quality pet and animal products. With years of experience in the industry, VJV has earned a reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. We at 'animeal' are proud to partner with VJV to bring you the best products for your furry friends.

Please note that while VJCAL is specifically formulated to meet the calcium needs of all animals, individual results may vary. It is always advisable to consult with a veterinarian or animal nutritionist before introducing any new supplements to your pet's or animal's diet. 'animeal' acts solely as a retailer for VJV products and holds no responsibility for any adverse effects or misuse of the product.

At 'animeal,' we strive to provide a diverse range of choices for our customers. While VJCAL stands out in its category, we also offer a wide variety of similar products from other trusted brands. We value your trust and aim to be your go-to destination for all your pet and animal needs.

Choose VJCAL for unparalleled Calcium supplementation and let your pets and animals thrive with optimal health and happiness. Experience the difference of VJCAL, exclusively available at 'animeal.'

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