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About Product

Animeal proudly presents the WOREX TABLET, a revolutionary dewormer in the realm of veterinary medicine. Specially formulated for dogs, this product stands out in the medicine category for its efficacy and safety. WOREX TABLET, featuring a potent combination of Praziquantel, Pyrantel Embonate, and Febantel, is a testament to Animeal's commitment to quality and comprehensive animal healthcare.


Praziquantel (50 mg): This ingredient is crucial for treating tapeworm infections. It works by damaging the parasite's skin internally, causing them to disintegrate and be eliminated through the animal's natural processes.
Pyrantel Embonate (144 mg): Effective against hookworms and roundworms, Pyrantel Embonate causes paralysis in these parasites, leading to their expulsion from the animal's system.
Febantel (150 mg): Febantel targets a broad range of intestinal worms. It disrupts their energy metabolism, leading to their death and removal from the body.
Animeal ensures that WOREX TABLET is made with these trusted ingredients, emphasizing our dedication to safe and effective animal health solutions.

Features and Benefits

Key Features: Broad Spectrum Protection: WOREX...

Key Features:

Broad Spectrum Protection: WOREX TABLET is a versatile solution against multiple types of intestinal parasites.
Safe and Single Dose Efficiency: Designed for ease of use, a single dose provides effective treatment, aligning with Animeal's focus on convenient pet care.
No Starvation Required: This feature underscores the product's user-friendly approach, ensuring minimal disruption to the pet's routine.
Uses and Benefits:
WOREX TABLET is an essential part of a pet's health regimen, offering protection against common parasites. Its broad-spectrum formula ensures comprehensive coverage, supporting Animeal’s mission to empower pet owners and veterinarians with reliable deworming solutions.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: Administer one tablet per 10 kg of ...

How to Use:
Administer one tablet per 10 kg of body weight. The dosage frequency varies, but generally, it's recommended four times a year for adult dogs. Always consult a veterinarian, a practice encouraged by Animeal, to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your pet.

Mechanism of Action:
WOREX TABLET works by disrupting the parasites' cellular processes, leading to their elimination. This pharmacological action reflects Animeal’s dedication to informed and effective pet care.

Safety Advice:
Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Always follow the prescribed dosage and consult a veterinarian for advice. Animeal prioritizes animal safety and wellbeing in all our products.

About the Brand:
SCIENTIFIC REMEDIES, the manufacturer of WOREX TABLET, aligns perfectly with Animeal’s standards for high-quality veterinary products. Their commitment to research and development in animal health is evident in the effectiveness


Animeal’s Prescription Policy:
Animeal offers WOREX TABLET post verification of a valid prescription, highlighting our commitment to responsible pet care. We ensure that every product meets the specific health needs of your pet, under professional guidance.

While Animeal strives to provide expert-reviewed, accurate, and trustworthy information, this should not substitute for professional medical advice. We encourage pet owners to consult their veterinarian for any health-related questions, reinforcing our role in supporting the doctor-pet owner relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of worms does WOREX TABLET treat in dogs?

WOREX TABLET is effective against Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, and Tapeworms.

How often should WOREX TABLET be administered to dogs?

The recommended frequency is 4 times a year, with specific guidelines for pregnant bitches.

Is a prescription required to purchase WOREX TABLET from Animeal?

Yes, a valid prescription is required as part of Animeal’s commitment to responsible pet care.

Can WOREX TABLET be given to other animals besides dogs?

WOREX TABLET is specifically formulated for dogs. Consult a veterinarian for treatments suitable for other animals.

Are there any special dietary requirements when administering WOREX TABLET?

No, there is no need for food restriction or starvation before administration.
Scientific Remedies

About Scientific Remedies

Scientific Remedies carves its niche in the pet industry with an unwavering dedication to pet well-being, offering an innovative range of veterinary products that blend scientific excellence with care. As a trusted name in pet healthcare, Scientific Remedies is renowned for its high-quality, research-driven solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of pets. With a rich history of innovation and a deep commitment to quality, the brand ensures that every product is a step towards a healthier, happier pet. Scientific Remedies also prioritizes environmental sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices in its operations to protect the planet. Embrace Scientific Remedies' offerings and take a significant step in enhancing your pet's life, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve.