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About Product

WORM TRAP TABLET, manufactured by PETCARE, is a leading product in the DEWORMERS category, offering effective treatment for a variety of parasitic infestations in dogs and cats. This comprehensive tablet formulation combines three potent active ingredients - Praziquantel, Pyrantel Pamoate, and Febantel - to ensure broad-spectrum control of internal parasites. Animeal is proud to feature this product, which aligns with our commitment to providing top-quality veterinary medicines.

Praziquantel (50mg): An FDA-approved anthelmintic, Praziquantel is specifically effective against tapeworms (cestodes) such as Dipylidium caninum, Taenia species, and more. It operates by disrupting the tapeworm's skin, leading to paralysis and detachment from the intestinal wall​​​​​​​​.

Pyrantel Pamoate (144mg): This ingredient targets roundworms, hookworms, and pinworms, functioning by paralyzing these parasites and facilitating their elimination through the animal's waste. Pyrantel Pamoate is widely regarded as safe for dogs and cats, and is used in various forms including tablets​​​​​​.

Febantel (150mg): As a broad-spectrum antiparasitic, Febantel is effective against roundworms and tapeworms. It acts by disrupting the functioning of the parasite's digestive system, leading to its death. Febantel is suitable for both dogs and cats, highlighting its versatility​​​​​​.

Animeal ensures the supply of WORM TRAP TABLET with these trusted and effective ingredients, reinforcing our commitment to animal health.

Features and Benefits

Key Features Broad-Spectrum Efficacy: Designed ...

Key Features
Broad-Spectrum Efficacy: Designed to combat multiple types of intestinal parasites in dogs and cats.
Safety Profile: Recognized for its safety and efficacy in pets, ensuring peace of mind for pet owners.
Easy Administration: Available in tablet form, ensuring convenient dosing.
Uses and Benefits
WORM TRAP TABLET is instrumental in maintaining the health and well-being of pets by effectively treating various parasitic infections. Its comprehensive formula addresses multiple parasite types, supporting Animeal's mission to provide holistic pet care solutions.

Usage and Applications

How to Use Administer WORM TRAP TABLET as per t...

How to Use
Administer WORM TRAP TABLET as per the prescribed dosage, specific to each species. It is crucial to consult a veterinarian for accurate dosing and usage instructions. Animeal advocates for veterinarian consultation to ensure optimal pet health.

Mechanism of Action
The combined action of Praziquantel, Pyrantel Pamoate, and Febantel in WORM TRAP TABLET offers a multi-faceted approach to deworming, targeting various parasites at different stages of their lifecycle. This aligns with Animeal's dedication to informed pet care.

Safety Advice
While WORM TRAP TABLET is recognized for its safety, it is essential to follow the veterinarian's advice and observe for any side effects. Store the medication away from children and pets.

About the Brand
PETCARE, the manufacturer of WORM TRAP TABLET, is synonymous with quality in veterinary products, echoing Animeal's standards for excellence in pet healthcare solutions.

Animeal’s Prescription Policy
Animeal offers WORM TRAP TABLET post verification of a valid prescription, underlining our commitment to responsible pet care.

Animeal provides expert-reviewed information for WORM TRAP TABLET. However, this should not substitute professional veterinary advice. Always consult a veterinarian for any health-related concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of parasites does WORM TRAP TABLET target?

WORM TRAP TABLET is effective against tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and other internal parasites.

Is WORM TRAP TABLET safe for all dogs and cats?

Yes, when used as directed by a veterinarian, it is safe for both dogs and cats.

How often should WORM TRAP TABLET be administered?

The frequency of administration depends on the specific needs of your pet, as advised by a veterinarian.

Can WORM TRAP TABLET be used for puppies and kittens?

Consult a veterinarian, as dosages may vary for younger animals.

What should I do if I notice side effects in my pet?

Discontinue use and contact a veterinarian immediately.