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About Product

APOQUEL FCT 5.4MG TABLET, a prominent offering from Animeal, is a targeted veterinary medicine for dogs. This tablet is specially formulated to manage the itching associated with allergic dermatitis, including atopy, in dogs older than 12 months. It contains the active ingredient Oclacitinib, a synthetic Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitor, providing a novel approach to allergy management in dogs.


Oclacitinib Maleate: The principal component, Oclacitinib, effectively controls itch and inflammation through the inhibition of JAK1 and JAK3 enzymes, crucial in allergic reactions​​​​.

Features and Benefits

Key Features Rapid Itch Relief: Provides quick...

Key Features

Rapid Itch Relief: Provides quick relief from itching, usually within 4 hours, enhancing your dog's comfort and quality of life.
Safe for Chronic Use: When used as directed, APOQUEL has shown a favorable safety profile for long-term treatment with minimal side effects​​.
Uses and Benefits
Primarily prescribed for treating allergic dermatitis in dogs, APOQUEL reduces itchiness, thereby preventing secondary infections from scratching. It's an effective solution for managing chronic allergic conditions.

Usage and Applications

How to Use The recommended dosage depends on th...

How to Use
The recommended dosage depends on the dog's weight. It should be given orally, typically starting with twice-daily administration for up to 14 days, followed by once-daily maintenance. Consultation with a veterinarian is vital for determining the correct dosage and monitoring your dog's response to treatment​​.

Mechanism of Action
APOQUEL works by selectively inhibiting specific enzymes (JAK1 and JAK3) involved in allergic reactions. This selective action results in effective itch relief with a lower risk of side effects compared to traditional steroids​​.

Safety Advice
APOQUEL is generally well-tolerated, but it should be avoided in dogs with serious infections or cancer. Regular veterinary monitoring, including periodic bloodwork, is advisable, especially for long-term use, to identify any potential side effects early​​.

About the Brand
ZOETIS, the manufacturer of APOQUEL, is a renowned American drug company and the world's largest producer of medicines and vaccinations for pets and livestock. ZOETIS's commitment to quality and innovation in animal healthcare aligns seamlessly with Animeal's standards for veterinary products​​​​.

Animeal’s Prescription Policy
APOQUEL FCT 5.4MG TABLET is available at Animeal upon verification of a valid prescription, underscoring our dedication to responsible pet care.

While Animeal aims to provide accurate and reliable information, this should not replace professional veterinary advice. We encourage pet owners to consult their veterinarian for any health-related issues, reinforcing the essential veterinarian-pet owner relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is APOQUEL used for in dogs?

APOQUEL is used to manage itching due to allergic dermatitis, including environmental allergies.

How quickly does APOQUEL start working?

APOQUEL begins to reduce itching within 4 hours of the first dose.

Can APOQUEL be used with other medications?

APOQUEL can be safely used with many common medications, including antihistamines and NSAIDs, but always inform your veterinarian about any concurrent medications​​.

Are there any side effects of APOQUEL?

The most common side effects are mild gastrointestinal issues and lethargy, which can be managed by giving the medication with food.

Is APOQUEL suitable for all dogs?

APOQUEL is recommended for dogs older than 12 months and should be avoided in dogs with serious infections or cancerous conditions.

About Zoetis

Zoetis leads the global animal health industry with its unwavering commitment to pet well-being, offering an innovative and comprehensive range of products that address health challenges faced by pets. As the world's largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock, Zoetis combines cutting-edge technology with pharmaceutical expertise to develop treatments that are both effective and safe. With a rich history of over 65 years, the brand is dedicated to supporting veterinarians and pet owners through diagnostic products, genetic tests, and a wealth of educational resources. Zoetis also prioritizes sustainability, implementing responsible environmental practices across its operations. This commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability makes Zoetis a trusted partner for pet owners seeking to enhance the health and happiness of their pets. Discover Zoetis today, and take a step towards a healthier future for your pet.