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About Product

VIUSID SYRUP by VIVALDIS is a premium immunity supplement designed for both dogs and cats. Available in 30ml and 150ml sizes, this syrup is a blend of vital ingredients aimed at boosting the immune system and enhancing overall health. It's an over-the-counter product reflecting Animeal’s commitment to quality and animal welfare, ensuring pets receive the best care.

Arginine 3g: Essential for protein synthesis and immune function.
Glycyrrhizinate Monoammonium 0.15g: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
Glucosamine 3g: Supports joint health and mobility.
Glycine 1.5g: Aids in digestive and muscular health.
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 0.09g: An antioxidant essential for immune support.
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 0.003g: Crucial for metabolic processes.
Folic Acid 0.0003g: Supports cell growth and metabolism.
Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) 0.009g: Vital for energy metabolism.
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 1.5µg: Essential for nervous system health and blood cell formation.
Malic Acid 3g: Enhances energy production.
Zinc Sulfate 0.0225g: Boosts immune system and skin health.
Liver Flavor 0.6g: Improves palatability.
Potassium Sorbate 0.3g & Sodium Benzoate 0.3g: Serve as preservatives.

Features and Benefits

Key Features Comprehensive Immune Support: Comb...

Key Features
Comprehensive Immune Support: Combines vitamins and minerals for a strong immune system.
Joint Health: Contains Glucosamine for better joint mobility.
Enhances Digestion and Appetite: Glycine and liver flavor improve digestion and appetite.
High Palatability: Liver flavor makes it appealing to pets.
Antioxidant Properties: With Ascorbic Acid and Zinc Sulfate, it combats oxidative stress.
Uses and Benefits
Ideal for pets needing immune support, VIUSID SYRUP is beneficial for pets with weakened immunity, recovering from illnesses, or as a daily health supplement. Consultation with a veterinarian is recommended for optimal use.

Usage and Applications

Directions For Use Administer 1 ml per 5 kg of ...

Directions For Use
Administer 1 ml per 5 kg of body weight every 12 hours for both dogs and cats. Adjust as advised by a veterinarian.

Action Mechanism
VIUSID SYRUP works by providing essential nutrients and antioxidants to support bodily functions, boosting the immune system, and maintaining overall health.

Safety Advice
Store in a cool, dry place. Monitor pets for any adverse reactions and consult a veterinarian if needed.

Brand Information
VIVALDIS is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in pet healthcare, focusing on safe, effective products for pet wellbeing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use VIUSID SYRUP?

Suitable for dogs and cats.

What are the key benefits of VIUSID SYRUP?

Boosts immunity and supports joint health.

Is veterinary consultation necessary before use?

Yes, it's recommended.

Can puppies and kittens use VIUSID SYRUP?

Yes, it's suitable for young pets too.

How is VIUSID SYRUP administered?

1 ml per 5 kg body weight every 12 hours.

About Vivaldis

Vivaldis emerges as a pioneering force in the pet industry, dedicated to advancing pet well-being through its innovative range of healthcare solutions. With a firm foundation in veterinary science, Vivaldis offers a spectrum of products designed to address the comprehensive health needs of pets, including nutritional supplements, dermatological care, and therapeutic formulations. The brand's unwavering commitment to quality ensures that each product is developed with the highest standards of efficacy and safety in mind. Vivaldis also stands out for its dedication to environmental sustainability, employing green practices and materials to minimize its ecological footprint. With a history marked by a passion for enhancing the lives of pets, Vivaldis is the top choice for pet owners seeking effective, high-quality healthcare solutions. Discover Vivaldis and take a significant step towards enriching your pet's life.