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About Product

FELOCELL INJ, a product by ZOETIS, is a high-efficacy vaccine designed specifically for cats. This medicine plays a crucial role in safeguarding feline health, offering protection against feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia. Animeal takes pride in offering FELOCELL INJ, reflecting our commitment to providing quality healthcare products for pets.

Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus: Helps prevent feline viral rhinotracheitis.
Calicivirus: Aids in preventing feline respiratory disease.
Panleukopenia Virus (Johnson Snow Leopard strain): Prevents feline panleukopenia.
Gentamicin (Preservative): Ensures the vaccine's stability and safety.
Animeal ensures that FELOCELL INJ contains these trusted ingredients for the wellbeing of your pets.

Features and Benefits

Key Features: Safety: Demonstrated in extensive...

Key Features:
Safety: Demonstrated in extensive field trials involving over 2,000 cats, with no serious post-vaccination reactions reported​​.
Efficacy: Proven effective against virulent strains of FVR virus, FCV, and FPV, significantly reducing clinical signs in vaccinated cats​​.
Uses and Benefits:
FELOCELL INJ is used for vaccinating healthy cats, providing long-term immunity and protection against critical feline diseases. Its use aligns with Animeal's mission to support pet owners and veterinarians in maintaining the health of their pets.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: Primary Vaccination: For cats 12 we...

How to Use:
Primary Vaccination: For cats 12 weeks or older, administer two doses 3-4 weeks apart.
Revaccination: Annual revaccination is recommended, following the guidelines of the American Veterinary Medical Association​​.
Animeal encourages consulting a veterinarian before using FELOCELL INJ.

Mechanism of Action:
The vaccine works by inducing humoral and cellular immunity, producing memory T and B lymphocytes for long-term protection​​.

Safety Advice:
Store at 2°-7°C and avoid direct sunlight.
Use the entire contents when first opened and dispose of properly.
Do not vaccinate pregnant queens​​.
Animeal focuses on the safe administration of FELOCELL INJ for your pets' health.

About the Brand - ZOETIS:
ZOETIS, the manufacturer of FELOCELL INJ, is renowned for its high-quality veterinary products, aligning with Animeal’s standards for excellence in pet care.

Animeal’s Prescription Policy:
Animeal provides FELOCELL INJ post verification of a valid prescription, ensuring responsible pet care.

While Animeal offers expert-reviewed information, it should not replace professional medical advice. Always consult your veterinarian for health-related questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What diseases does FELOCELL INJ protect against?

FELOCELL INJ provides immunity against feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia.

Is FELOCELL INJ safe for all cats?

It is safe for healthy cats. However, avoid vaccinating pregnant queens and consult your veterinarian for specific cases.

How is FELOCELL INJ administered?

The vaccine is administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously, following rehydration with the provided diluent.

What is the recommended vaccination schedule for FELOCELL INJ?

Initially, two doses for cats 12 weeks or older, followed by annual revaccination.

Can FELOCELL INJ cause side effects?

No serious side effects were reported in large-scale studies, but always monitor your pet post-vaccination.

About Zoetis

Zoetis leads the global animal health industry with its unwavering commitment to pet well-being, offering an innovative and comprehensive range of products that address health challenges faced by pets. As the world's largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock, Zoetis combines cutting-edge technology with pharmaceutical expertise to develop treatments that are both effective and safe. With a rich history of over 65 years, the brand is dedicated to supporting veterinarians and pet owners through diagnostic products, genetic tests, and a wealth of educational resources. Zoetis also prioritizes sustainability, implementing responsible environmental practices across its operations. This commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability makes Zoetis a trusted partner for pet owners seeking to enhance the health and happiness of their pets. Discover Zoetis today, and take a step towards a healthier future for your pet.