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About Product

LYPEX CAPSULE is a revolutionary veterinary medicine product, specifically designed for the Gastro Intestinal and Digestive Care of dogs and cats. This product, from the renowned brand VETPLUS, is an essential item in the Medicine category, especially for pets suffering from exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and malabsorption syndromes. Animeal is proud to offer LYPEX CAPSULE, which comes in a pack of 60 capsules, ensuring your pet's health and well-being.


Lipase: Aids in the digestion of fats, ensuring your pet absorbs essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins.
Amylase: Helps in breaking down carbohydrates, providing energy and aiding in overall digestion.
Protease: Assists in the digestion of proteins, crucial for muscle growth and repair.
Each ingredient in LYPEX CAPSULE plays a vital role in supporting your pet's digestive health, aligning with Animeal's commitment to providing products with trusted, high-quality ingredients.

Features and Benefits

Key Features: Highly Active Enteric Coated Enz...

Key Features:

Highly Active Enteric Coated Enzymes: Ensures enzymes reach the small intestine effectively.
Unique Gastroresistant Shell: Protects the enzymes, enhancing their absorption and efficacy.
Suitable for Dogs and Cats: Versatile for use in multiple species, making it a convenient choice for multi-pet households.
Uses and Benefits:
LYPEX CAPSULE is particularly beneficial for pets experiencing weight loss, polyphagia, and excessive defecation due to digestive issues. It supports the efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients, contributing to the overall health and vitality of your pet. Animeal recognizes the importance of such benefits in supporting pet owners and veterinarians in their care for animals.

Usage and Applications

How to Use: For dogs and cats under 10 kg, admi...

How to Use:
For dogs and cats under 10 kg, administer 1 capsule per day, and for dogs over 10 kg, 2 capsules per day. The capsule contents should be sprinkled over food, not given whole. Dosages may vary as directed by your veterinarian, emphasizing the importance of professional consultation.

Mechanism of Action:
LYPEX CAPSULE works by supplementing the necessary digestive enzymes, aiding in the efficient breakdown and absorption of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. This action is crucial for pets with compromised pancreatic function.

Safety Advice:
Always consult a veterinarian before starting any new medication. Ensure the correct dosage is administered and monitor your pet for any adverse reactions.

About the Brand:
VETPLUS, the manufacturer of LYPEX CAPSULE, is synonymous with high-quality veterinary products. Their commitment to animal health aligns perfectly with Animeal's standards.

Animeal’s Prescription Policy:
Animeal offers LYPEX CAPSULE post verification of a valid prescription, underscoring our commitment to responsible pet care.

While Animeal provides expert-reviewed, accurate, and trustworthy information, this should not substitute professional medical advice. Always consult your veterinarian for health-related questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LYPEX CAPSULE used for?

LYPEX CAPSULE is used to treat exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and malabsorption syndromes in dogs and cats.

How should LYPEX CAPSULE be administered?

The contents of the capsule should be sprinkled over food, following the dosage prescribed by your veterinarian.

Is LYPEX CAPSULE suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats?

Yes, LYPEX CAPSULE is suitable for various breeds and sizes of dogs and cats.

Can LYPEX CAPSULE be used for long-term treatment?

Consult your veterinarian for advice on long-term use and monitoring.

Are there any side effects of LYPEX CAPSULE?

Side effects are rare, but if you notice any unusual symptoms, contact your veterinarian.

About Vetplus

Vetplus, a pioneering force in the pet healthcare industry, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to pet well-being, offering a specialized range of nutritional supplements and healthcare products. With over 25 years of excellence, Vetplus combines innovative science with superior quality ingredients to develop formulations that support the health and vitality of pets across various stages of life. Each product is the result of meticulous research and is designed to meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety. Vetplus also demonstrates a profound commitment to environmental sustainability, adopting green practices to minimize its impact on the planet. This dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability makes Vetplus a top choice for pet owners seeking to enhance their pets' lives. Discover the difference with Vetplus and embark on a journey to optimal pet health.